Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ijusi Ball point pen, Issue 25

This was published in the Ijusi Ball point pen issue in 2010.  Danielle de Bruyn and I worked together on this. It depicts the idea that all we see are colours when tragedy occurs, we don't spare a thought for the people involved in the tragedy. That we as humans have become immune to hurt and tragedy due to its regular occurrence in our lives. 

Ijusi Piece 2010

Monday, 19 September 2011

Jislaaik, you're in an african kitchen!

We were asked to design and illustrate an african cookbook. The essence of my cookbook is that it highlights the unique quirks of an African kitchen. It depicts the things that we have become accustomed to, that non South Africans would find it hard to relate to. Much like a guide to surviving the humor of an African kitchen. Each of my chapters are written in a humorous poetic style giving the book another uniquely interesting facet. 

What to expect in this cookbook:

Welcome to SA! You will find
That if you’re ever in a bind,                                                     

This book will be just what you need,                                                    
To cook when you’ve got mouths to feed.                  
During world cups, braai times, jail or crime,                                           
Each meal of yours will taste sublime.                         
Load-shedding? Tokoloshes? Muthi curses?                                                
Hijacked cars or stolen purses?               
Don’t be fearful, don’t you worry!        
You’ve got this book - you won’t be sorry!                        
We’ll help you cook when times are tough.                                                       
Our food’s too good to have enough.        
And so, our claim, without hesitation:        
We’ll help in any and situation!