Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Illustrated Editorial Piece


The article I chose to illustrate revealed a side to hipsters and hipsterdom that is often overlooked. People often look at hipsters and feel as though they are totally unique, controlled by nothing, unphased by the ‘hots’ and the ‘nots’ of society and the media. That they enjoy life to it’s fullest and are able to truly like and enjoy something with no thought as to whether it’s determined by the media to be cool or not. However Oliver Roberts article describes hipsters in a different light, as though they are fickle and temperamental (as soon as something becomes in fashion they drop it and go on the hunt for the next innovative and completely unique item), that they are just as controlled by society except they hide it. I chose to then explore this irony in my illustration and was able to develop it further into a concept. I felt that the life of a hipster is almost like a board game, whereby the hipster is the piece or the token you use to play with and the media/society is the player of the game where they are able to control the likes and dislikes of the hipster. This then led me further along to the idea of a puzzle that the hipster subconsciously is being pieced together by society, which is resembled through my puzzle pieces and Tetris. The layout style I felt would enhance my illustration because there is quite a lot of detail in my puzzle pieces so a more elegant and simplified layout style would automatically create a desired focal point and enhance my illustration.

Double Page Layout

Single Page Layout


Tea Time Treats ( Five doughnuts, Woolworths ) 

The brand of doughnuts I chose to represent was Woolworths; I felt that the simplicity and the sophisticated elegance of their packaging design would be more than suitable for my design. I also felt that their target market, being of the almost upper class, would make my doughnut packaging be of more value and use. Woolworths also has a very definite style as does my packaging design and i felt that the two designs compatibly would create a solid and unique solution to the brief.

The ease of use of my packaging has made Woolworth’s doughnuts not only easy to serve and pack but is a pleasurably authentic package design. However its main reusable function is as a tea tray/serving platter or as a plate for the doughnuts and other Woolworth’s products. The economical advantages of my design involve the inside of the tea tray, it contains serving suggestions of other Woolworths products, this will hopefully entice the person whom bought the doughnuts and their guests to hopefully purchase some of those serving suggestions, possibly even to purchase and place on the serving tray alongside the doughnuts for the event. The entire package has been made up of cardboard and plastic henceforth allowing for recyclability. My packaging style is unique and innovative and the design on the package complements the Woolworths style whilst remaining fresh and unique. My intention was to innovatively use Woolworths current style to create a new look for my packaging, whilst it characteristically  has Woolworths written all over it, its simplicity, class and overall design will bring a fresh look to Woolworths range of designs. Cost effective wise is simple to print, the design overall is quite repetitive throughout the package and will allow for simple printing techniques. Woolworths original package design didn’t provide an all round protection for their doughnuts as the one 90 degree angle of their box was clear adhesive. This provided no protection for that segment of the doughnuts and although yes viewing the doughnuts is of importance, no one likes squashed doughnuts, a compromise of the two must be made for an effective package design. 

Staff Usage

STEP 1: Lay the box flat. 
STEP 2 : Pull the stopper through the centre, twist and stack the  doughnuts  gently one on top of another. 
STEP 3 :pull the ribbon on the side. fasten the press stud and tie it into a bow and then place the lid on and the customer is set to go.

Consumer Usage

Step 1 : Remove the lid. Untie the bow and fasten the press stud on the larger setting, to allow the dish of the package to sit at an angle. 
Step 2 : Take the doughnus off the pipe and lay them out on the tray, decorate the tra with some of Woolworths other delicious teatime items.
Step 3 : Once you have eaten the scrumptious treats, merely wipe down the inside of the packaging, pull on the ribbon and it mat be used decoratively or reused as a serving platter. 

Front Design
Birds Eye View

Inside and my hand made doughnuts

Rheumaphlex ( Arthritic Vitamins and Dispenser)

The name Rheumaphlex was derived from the two terms Rheuma which is a medical term for joints and bones (rheumatism) and phlex, a homonym for flexibility.  Rheumaphlex medical dispenser allows for an easy daily dosage of your five arthritic vitamins. It is able to make taking your Rheumaphlex medication a breeze. 
The innovative punch design allows for the patient to take one of the daily medical pill strips and place it into the punch and press. Once they have pressed down on the back of the punch they simply pull on the 45 degree angled pipe lever and the tray will slide out the bottom allowing easy access to the pills. Arthritic patients have little control over their joint movements which means that a simple method requiring something other than making them grip something to have access to their medication was needed. That’s when I realized that although they may not be able to have much movement they still would have some of their strength allowing them to use the punch. The previous dispenser was a container, a child proof container, which was difficult to open even for people without arthritis, never mind a person battling with it.  My intention was to create a portable, flexible, simple and easily accessible dispenser for arthritic patients, so as however bad the patients arthritis is taking their medication for it, is one less hard task at hand.

Rheumaphlex is a reusable punch and even in some cases may be used to open other pill sheets. Rheumaphlex allows for patients to purchase the refill kit if they have purchased the punch already. The refill kit holds 90 pills, 30 pill sheets with each holding five pills, whereby one pill sheet a day will be used. This will also help the patient to remember how much medication they have taken and show them how many more they still have to take.

3D Box construction

Dispenser and Directions

Technical drawings of Dispenser