Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chew Pop Create ( One Minute Anti Design Movie )

The initial part of the brief consisted of the brief consisted with the creation of a One Minute Anti Design Movie. 


Secondly we where asked to create a Viral Campaign around the movie. My conceptual reasoning behind my viral campaign began with me wanting to examine and explore consumerism. I wanted to target a well-known and highly consumed brand. I was interested in taking something completely commercial and doing the exact opposite with it, create anti design. I sought after a brand that was known by all classes and cultures alongside having no one direct target market. I did realize for this campaign to be successful it would need to be a brand that is highly recognizable and distinguishable even merely by its colours. That’s when Chappies bubblegum became my focus for my anti viral campaign. I was interested in manipulating the consumer’s eyes into seeing design in a new way, In order to achieve this objective I established a Viral campaign targeting all markets. My posters where placed in public telephone booths, benches, street signs, drains etc. 

Anti Design Chappies Logo

In relation to my viral campaign I’m wanting to capture the consumers eyes by using stark bright colours and eye catching images. I took pictures of the original chappies gum once it was chewed and then edited them in Photoshop in order for me to make my viral campaign effective and successful. To a certain extent I wanted the images to seem fake, I wanted the colours to affect the consumers eyes, to seem to juicy, tasty and to resist. My sole aim is for your focus as a consumer to stay with the image which then will lead to a curiosity and a desire to either purchase my product or investigate it further. If you wish to see any further developments of this project such as my packaging, point of sale, or alternative posters please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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