Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Illustrated Editorial Piece


The article I chose to illustrate revealed a side to hipsters and hipsterdom that is often overlooked. People often look at hipsters and feel as though they are totally unique, controlled by nothing, unphased by the ‘hots’ and the ‘nots’ of society and the media. That they enjoy life to it’s fullest and are able to truly like and enjoy something with no thought as to whether it’s determined by the media to be cool or not. However Oliver Roberts article describes hipsters in a different light, as though they are fickle and temperamental (as soon as something becomes in fashion they drop it and go on the hunt for the next innovative and completely unique item), that they are just as controlled by society except they hide it. I chose to then explore this irony in my illustration and was able to develop it further into a concept. I felt that the life of a hipster is almost like a board game, whereby the hipster is the piece or the token you use to play with and the media/society is the player of the game where they are able to control the likes and dislikes of the hipster. This then led me further along to the idea of a puzzle that the hipster subconsciously is being pieced together by society, which is resembled through my puzzle pieces and Tetris. The layout style I felt would enhance my illustration because there is quite a lot of detail in my puzzle pieces so a more elegant and simplified layout style would automatically create a desired focal point and enhance my illustration.

Double Page Layout

Single Page Layout

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