Thursday, 16 June 2011

Photography and Image manipulation

The following brief relies heavily on photographic skill as well as photo manipulation. The brief required that we would organise and orchestrate a professional conceptually driven photoshoot. We had to base our photoshoot on lyrics from a song or an entire song. We then where required to make the lyrics become visual , i.e. The photoshoot. The photoshoot had to be strongly conceptual and tightly related to our song. We had to take care of the arrangement of equipment, props, location, styling and models. We were then required to incorporate type into our photographic images alongside image manipulation, whether it be a series or a single still image.

The lyrics I have chosen to base my photoshoot on came from Fiona Apples song called tymps ‘ ...the red isn’t the red we painted , its just rust...’ From these lyrics I decided to do a series of two photos, similar in nature yet completely different in meaning. The colour for red for most resembles love, passion, lust, desire yet at the same time its a very bold and brash colour resembling hatred, anger ,resentment, revolt and disgust. This then made me look into ways of interpreting these two notions of red into todays society. This then lead me to the idea of prostitution. For the prostitute the colour of red will symbolize hatred, disgust, anger etc, Yet with regards to the man the colour red is a symbol of love, comfort, enjoyment, lust etc. I then took it a step forward and applied it to the following lyric, ‘its just rust’ this resembles the decaying of their souls and memories , almost the decaying of their spirit and childhood memories. The degradation of their mind, body and soul . As they evolve further into this world of both love and hatred so the decaying spreads and increases as rust would. To accomplish this concept visually I needed to do two photos, resembling firstly how they wish they were, or more so how he wishes they were and secondly how they actually are. The initial photo will be a warmer toned one, resembling love, unity and peace, like a happily married couple would be. The second would show the emotional rotting and rusting of their souls, i.e. How they actually are. Just a prostitute and a lonely, perverted business man whom is accustomed to paying for what he wants, his own tasteless dissatisfaction.

'The red isnt the red we painted ...'

'... it's just rust.'


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